威尼斯人娱乐场官网friends on the net,friends in your life?

“Social Networking “, a very successful movie. It seems to imitate the
hero’s road to success. Mark Zuckerberg, the founder of Facebook, the
youngest billionaire in the history, but a 26-year-old young man lived
in a rented house.
        There are three things I learned from the movie:

yourself,让别人谈论你,then you can be




  1. In this society, you can not be a gentleman to achieve success.
  2. Read at least three times before you sign any agreement.
  3. Your best friend can betray you for his own benefits.
            This story happened in Harvard university, the best learning
    community in the world. The university chancellor in the movie said
    “Every body in Harvard is doing their something”. It sum the situation
    of this community the best. In personal relationships, the personality
    is one of the most important things. There are diversity personality
    showed in the movie. In Harvard, there are student like Winklevoss twins
    and Mark. The Winklevoss twins come from a wealthy family and they do
    crew. They were in the coolest club in Harvard. Unlike Mark, he came
    from middle class family and do nothing to attracted girls. Diversity
    also shows in their personalities. In the Winklevoss twins, Carmelo is
    more patient than Taylor. Taylor tried to suit Mark at the beginning
    moment that he found their idea is copied but his brother Carmelo stops
    him. Carmelo want to be a gentleman until he found Facebook is expand to
    the U.K. Although it is the conflict between the twins, their
    communication solved conflict. Taylor listens to his brother Carmelo.
    Unlike the conflict between Winklevoss twins and Mark, they communicated
    throughout email mostly. Mark’s personality tend to be not as gentle as
    the twins. He is more like a tech geek. Although he wanted to create the
    company with Eduardo but not the twins . Mark did not reject them
    directly, instead he create the company without the twins. This conflict
    results in a law suit. Another law suit that Mark involved in is with
    his ex-best friend, Eduardo. At the beginning of the story, Eduardo is
    Mark’s best friend. As the CFO of Facebook, he tried to cash out from
    Facebook’s commercial value. But Mark did not want Facebook to be not
    cool. It is the beginning of the conflict. Until Mark met Sean, Eduardo
    became unsatisfied about Mark. As the company expand, the 30% stock
    owned by Eduardo gets diluted by Mark and Sean step by step. When
    Eduardo found out it, it is the max of the conflict. He suited Mark.
            Facebook went through many different stages. At beginning, there
    are only Eduardo and Mark in the company. From here, they only need
    money to buy server space and Eduardo solved this problem by writing
    checks to Mark. Than they get few interns in the team. Eduardo wanted to
    get some advertisements in Facebook but he failed. Because Mark want
    Facebook kept cool without advertisements. He kept support Mark move to
    California even though he is not satisfied with Sean. Mark worked in
    California during the summer and expand Facebook to more colleges. Then
    he expand Facebook from colleges in the U.S. to the U.K. Sean and Mark
    got invest by Peter Thiel who is an angel investor. Mark and Sean got a
    new place to work and they hits 1 million users and diluted Eduardo’s
    stock. Mark did not show his leadership in this team strongly. He made
    his decisions based on Sean’s advice. Even though he is the CEO of the
    team. He did not manage his relationship in the team very well. As a
    result, he gets no friends at the end of the movie.
            Mark needs to blame himself for this pathetic situation. Because
    he knows Eduardo is his only true friend in the world he did not cherish
    their friendship. He did not honest about the agreement that he asked
    Eduardo to sign. He thought Eduardo is an obstacle for the success of
    the company and diluted his stock by getting him sign the agreement that
    Eduardo did not read carefully because he trusted Mark.
            An “baster” and his relationships between other people is the
    center of the movie. What let the story of Zuckerberg becomes so
    fascinating is not only those disputes, but those disputes irony in
    Facebook. The reason that Facebook caused more topics than Google is
    because Google is designed to change the way we touch things, but
    Facebook is pointed directly into our relationships. Regardless of the
    development of technology to what extent, how coexistence between people
    are the most basic problems that the society needs to solve. When a
    people are apt to be able to have several hundred or thousands of
    “friends”, what does a “friend” mean? When interpersonal become more and
    more unilateral show, are we no longer alone or more alone? Zuckbergerg
    might sits in the dark theatre and watch the word he said few years ago
    said by other people on the screen.
            “Social Networking ” on one hand , it seems to reflect in some
    degree, and attempts to render the object exactly the same. On the other
    hand, it will eventually become a huge part of the manufacturing
    machines, ultra-high-speed record the history of mankind,



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